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Remove Lice With Diatomaceous Earth

Curing Crab Lice with Diatomaceous Earth

The crab louse is a natural parasite to human beings. Its scientific name is pthirus pubis, and it has long been known to taxonomists and public health officials as a troubling, if not fatal, vector of discomfort for people colonized by this pest. The crab louse, also known as the pubic louse, maintains its habitat in the hairs of human beings, most commonly the pubic hairs, but also, in rare cases, the eyelashes.

How to Remove Lice with Diatomaceous Earth

The crab louse needs a warm, humid environment in which to thrive. It also needs a supply of blood. Once a colony of crab lice establishes itself, the movements of the lice cause intense itching at their location, sometimes accompanied by a blueish-gray skin tone where the lice feed in quantity.

The itching can be so severe that concentration is interrupted. Some people infested with crab lice find that they cannot go about their activities of daily living without constantly scratching. Scratching can become so obsessive and severe that people develop ulcerations from trying to relieve themselves of the constantly irritating symptoms of crab louse infestation.

The crab louse itself is almost invisible to the naked eye, but a crab louse infestation is easily diagnosed by an experienced health care provider. After diagnosis, there are a number of treatment options to eradicate the lice.

There are chemical poisons that the patient is instructed to rub onto the effected areas, as well as shampoos that contain highly toxic agents that will kill the lice. There is also an effective, organic, inexpensive method to eliminating crab lice from a person’s affected anatomy.

Use Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth is a completely safe and non-toxic natural substance regulated and approved by the federal government for human use. It is used in agriculture to naturally control pests on crops that are very similar in shape and structure to pthirus pubis. By dusting the affected body parts with Diatomaceous Earth, many people find complete remission of their crab louse infestation quickly and effectively.

As a natural fossil powder, Diatomaceous Earth is composed of the fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms, a hard-bodied algae that was prevalent before there were dinosaurs. The unique size, shape, and composition of these diatom skeletons make them excellent non-toxic weapons against tiny insects.

The grains of Diatomaceous Earth powder lodge between the cartilaginous joints of the crab lice. Once lodged their sharp microscopic edges sever ligaments and tendons, enter internal organs, and snap off antennae while abrading the insect’s eyes. The crippled lice starve, dismembered by their own movements.

Regular applications of Diatomaceous Earth have been shown to promptly relieve the symptoms of crabs and to prevent recurrence. Diatomaceous Earth is a permanent, safe, effective, organic solution for people who suffer from crab lice.

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