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Natural Diatomaceous Earth For Pet Health

Diatomaceous Earth for Pet Use

So many pet owners rely on chemical de-wormers and parasite chemicals thinking that they are safe, when in reality they are not. Some parasite killers actually have a negative effect on a pet, which is a shame considering there are numerous natural alternative products available. One of these natural parasite killers is called diatomaceous earth and it is quickly gaining in popularity.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is a clay-like powder that is made up of prehistoric unicellular algae, which were the basic food for sea life at the time. As these algae or diatoms died, their exoskeletons fell to the bottom of the sea floor and eventually became fossilized.  These deposits eventually shifted onto land and are now mined for many uses, including for pet use. So how does diatomaceous earth help pets?

Remove Worms in Pets With Diatomaceous Earth

In both pets and livestock, diatomaceous earth is an effective de-wormer. This is due to the shape of diatomaceous earth. If you were to look at diatomaceous earth in a microscope it would look like a cylinder with sharp edges and pores, similar to rice chex cereal. These sharp edges scrape away parasites and scratch the bodies of worms, causing the worm to slowly die. As DE continues to purge the parasites, the pores absorb the parasites, including the remnants of worms, which are then removed through regular bowel movements.

Most experts recommended that Diatomaceous earth be used for around 60 days to fully allow the parasites to be removed from your pet. Plus, this ensures that any newly hatched eggs are also removed. Most worms can be removed including tapeworms, hook worms, whip worms, round worms, pinworms, lungworms, and heartworms.

Diatomaceous Earth Kills Parasites And Bugs On Animals

Diatomaceous earth can also be used on dogs, cats, and livestock to repel parasites. A simply dusting over the coat of you animal will kill any current parasites and will repel future parasites from latching on to your pet. Similar to the de-worming process, the sharp edges of Diatomaceous Earth scratch the service of insects and parasites, which causes them to start losing fluids. Plus, with the ability of diatomaceous earth to absorb liquids, the parasite will either be forced to stay and die or flea the animal.

If you want to buy diatomaceous earth for your pet, make sure you buy food grade diatomaceous earth. Food grade diatomaceous earth is the purest and only safe form of diatomaceous earth for pet use.  For kittens and puppies, a ½ teaspoon daily dose should be administered each day. Cats and dogs under 35 pounds should be given 1 teaspoon a day. Dogs over 35 pounds should be given a 1 tablespoon daily dose to effectively remove worms and other parasites.

Diatomaceous earth is a safe, effective way to prevent parasites from harming your pets or livestock. Diatomaceous earth will not harm your animal in any way and is a cheaper, natural way to stop your animal from being harmed by worms and parasites. Do not continue to buy harmful chemicals any longer, use diatomaceous earth and protect your pet’s health.

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