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Food Grade DE Powder Supplements

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Powder

Diatomaceous Earth Detox

Thousands of quality recipes, physical exercises and health supplements are available on the market. They all promote a healthy lifestyle. It seems no other supplement can be so easily handled by the human body, as Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (also called DE) is.

Created from tiny phytoplankton that can be found in oceans and pounds, diatomaceous earth consists of diatoms. After it has been harvested and correctly processed in the most agreeable conditions, diatomaceous earth becomes a fine powder that can be used as a health supplement. It contains enormous quantities of magnesium and silica. This last mentioned trace mineral is the most important due to the fact the human body needs it in order to be healthy. The other ingredients in DE are known to improve bodily functions and provide overall health.

What Is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

This element is known to function as a great digestive helper and a perfect colon cleanser. It has been used for many years against parasites such as earthworms. If consumed in reasonable quantities, DE can remove all the unwanted organisms in a structure. The consumption of diatomaceous earth encourages the bowels to absorb nutritious substances in foods more rapidly. This normalizes the bowel movements, reducing the likelihood of heartburn.

Diatomaceous Earth Detox

Scientific studies have shown Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is highly efficient in removing mercury, e-coli, endotoxins, infections (including polio virus), pesticide deposits, drug deposits and some other harmful toxins generated by small intestinal infections. In a simpler context: DE eliminates dangerous heavy metals and toxins from the human body.

As soon as diatomaceous earth gets absorbed into the bloodstream, it starts to melt fat deposits. This way, the bad cholesterol’s levels are being kept at low levels. More than this, food grade diatomaceous earth (this meaning the DE human supplement) is known to reduce blood pressure levels. Therefore, if you introduce DE in the daily regime of an elder, you will help control his/her blood pressure levels.

The Silica in Diatomaceous Earth

What Is Silica

It is a very well known fact silica is one of the most appreciated minerals on our planet. It takes care of brittle bones and other bone related issues. By using diatomaceous earth you improve your entire skeletal frame. More than this, silica provides amazing and beneficial effects for the skin and hair. It is known to have anti-aging effects. In conclusion, if you consume high quality diatomaceous earth, you get the chance to protect yourself from aging, in more effective ways.

Of course, it is not all about consuming health supplements. A person who wants to be healthier needs to also live a healthy lifestyle. Diets and physical efforts are absolutely required. Include healthy foods in your daily diet. These are raw fruits and veggies, lean meats and dairy products. Diatomaceous earth is essential for detoxification and cleansing.

Move your body as much as possible. Instead of using the elevator, climb the stairs. Opt for aerobics. It is a great way to have fun and lose weight, in the same time.

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